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Welcome To Playboy, James Franco: Actor Turns Columnist, Editor

At this rate, there will one day be birds with fewer feathers on their rear ends than James Franco has in his cap.

By this point, Franco has hosted the Academy Awards alongside Anne Hathaway. He's hosted "Saturday Night Live" twice. His resume has been as broad as to span from an Oscar-nominated turn in "Milk" alongside Sean Penn, to comedies such as "Pineapple Express" and "Your Highness" and action faire such as the first three "Spider-Man" offerings. He's been author, producer, poet and columnist.

Now, he's a contributing editor and columnist to Playboy, E! Online reports.

The magazine confirmed Monday that the 34-year-old would make his debut with the July/August double issue featuring his first "Francophile" column. He's set to pen a total of six.

In his first offering, he'll be interviewing "the grandmother of performance art," Marina Abramovic. The Serbian performer has been active since the 1970s whose works have included a March-thru-May 2010 piece called "The Artist Is Present," in which she sat static in the New York Museum of Moden Art for a total 736 hours and 30 minutes as spectators took turns sitting beside her.

More recently, the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" star has been a guest blogger for The Huffington Post, including a recent piece praising Channing Tatum's "Magic Mike" performance.